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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jerel: The Crown Jewel of East Taren

Jerel is the territory where the capital of East Taren is located. Jerel is a beautiful place, full of opulent buildings and dazzling displays of wealth. Jerel citizens consider themselves privileged and perhaps more refined and cultured than those of the other provinces—especially West Taren. Jerel may have a cold climate, but that doesn't slow its people down a bit. Pomp and circumstance abounds here, with prideful gentlemen and ladies in their finery, and the smell of spices and perfumes filling the air. It’s ironic that this is the same place where Nephredom, the Subjugator of Joy rules. Like a deadly serpent in a lovely garden, Nephredom sits on his great throne in the palace, and waits for the right time to strike…

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