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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Systems of Magic

My next blog topics will cover the magic system used in the world of Taren. Many Tareners (especially the Eastern variety) possess a specialized psychic ability they call “psi-magic”. There are twelve schools of psi-magic and each one has a different focus and effect. Few Tareners are born with psi-magic ability strong enough in one school to earn the designation “high mage”, and those rare individuals who have mastered more than one school of psi-magic—they are called “master mages.” Coincidentally, the two main villains in the book, Aric and Nephredom are both master mages, while the Red Robes who serve them are high mages.

Well, that’s the background—now the magic. The first school of psi-magic is Psi-aquatic. It’s the ability to manipulate water and control its motion and various states. This is a powerful and practical psi-magic, and Psi-aquatics in Taren can make a good deal of money freezing large blocks of water and selling the ice to the hot lands of Argat. The truly skilled psi-mages in this art are sometimes employed as assassins for their ability to harden blood still flowing in the veins of their victims. Next time, I'll cover another school of psi-magic...until all twelve are done. For even more about the schools of psi-magic, and the wondrous world of Taren, I invite you to pick up a copy of The Beast at the Gate

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