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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Ah...Ciredor. He is the great war hero in the story, but recently plagued with indecision. Should he help the woman he loves fight a seemingly unwinnable battle, or should he safeguard the lives of the remaining soldiers under his protection? Should he risk civil war for the sake of a true and lasting peace--or should he let the uneasy truce they already have stay in place unchallenged? Ciredor is a man with  a lot of concerns on his broad shoulders, yet he still manages to have a fairly cheerful outlook on life.  In "The Beast at the Gate", Ciredor finally does make his decision--for better or for worse. In that way, he's not much different from any of us, who carry on with our lives in the face of adversity, drawing within us strength we never knew we had until we need it.

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