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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Keris--who is this mysterious woman?

Keris is the last of the main characters I'm discussing from "The Beast at the Gate", but certainly not the least.  Trying my best not to include spoilers, I'll just say that she plays a pivotal role in the story--enough to justify her being co-protagonist to Rayna. In many ways she is like Rayna: strong, intelligent, and fiercely independent. However, as a Taren native, Keris is much more attuned to the land than Rayna, and recent events have given her a bit of a hardened edge. I think it's safe to say without revealing too much that Keris is on the run with a bounty on her head. Her situation has pushed her to taking more risks to stay one step ahead of Nephredom and his minions. And it's during a risky quest to recruit a mage that Keris meets Rayna...and the rest is Taren history.

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