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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The "Minor" Characters

Sometimes the supporting actors are just as important as the leading ones. I would like to think that that is the case in "The Beast at the Gate". Four supporting characters come to mind: Emawin, Quan, Katana, and Levit.

First, Emawin. She is the caring and compassionate botanist and apothecary  in the story; she is the glue to her adopted family. The normally reclusive Keris sees Emawin as family and the feeling is mutual. Even Rayna finds it difficult to keep up her defensive walls against Emawin—everyone can’t help but love Emawin! 

Quan is the curious and often mischievous boy who has a talent for playing the flute and... *ahem* pick pocketing. His character is young but important, and goes to illustrate that in the world of Taren, no one is truly what they first seem.  

Katana was fun to write and she proves to be a formidable challenge to Aric. As captain and owner of her mercenary guard, Katana is a strong, confident person with ambitious goals; Aric too seeks power, but in her own clandestine way.  It was only a matter of time before these two powerful women clashed…and what a clash it was.

Levit is the monk who trains Rayna.  He is a stern traditionalist—a crotchety no-nonsense kind of man. I mention him because we will be seeing more of this character in the next book.

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