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Monday, April 29, 2013

The City of Walls

Known locally as the “City of Walls”, Soren is a holy region, and Soren City is a place of meditation, prayer and religious training.  It is where the world-weary traveler goes for  spiritual reflection, calm and peace. Ironically, Ciredor—a former soldier and war hero—was appointed by Nephredom himself to govern this province.  Ciredor is none too pleased with his new job, but to oppose his position would give Nephredom the excuse he needs to arrest and execute him.

Soren is the place that Keris desperately wants to go, but not because she's eager to attend church.  She believes Ciredor can help her win back her throne. Populated almost exclusively by monks and priests, all worldly temptations, including strong drink, gambling, and women are forbidden here. Order a copy of The Beast at the Gate to see how Rayna and Keris managed to sneak into this somber city.

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