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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Zuran the Great...Province

 Zuran is seldom referenced in The Beast at the Gate, but expect that to change in the upcoming sequels. Zuran is the last of the West Taren territories and home to that region’s governor.  Following its defeat in the War of Kings, West Taren was no longer allowed to have a King and the governorship was the highest political office a West Tarener could hold.  Zuran became the new capital of West Taren following the fall of Lamec, and its streets are filled with busy bureaucrats,  minor politicians and the like. Depending on whom you ask, the governor is either seen as a competent representative of the people, or a worthless, fat figurehead and puppet of Nephredom—regent of East Taren.  Some say, if there ever will be a rebellion against East Taren, it will start in Zuran. 

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