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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Psi-Kinetics—A Forceful Proposition

In my novel, The Beast at the Gate, few psi-mages are as powerful as a master psi-kinetic.  A psi-kinetic can move objects through space without touching them. With their minds alone, they can project a force that can push, shove and otherwise bully an opponent from afar. A few talented practitioners of this particular psi-magic can manipulate wind to surround them and lift themselves in the air for short periods of time. They can create force shields, crush internal organs, topple trees—well, you get the idea. Psi-kinetics can pretty much do what they want. That’s why most Taren citizens give them plenty of respect, and a wide berth.  One particularly dramatic scene in my book involves a powerful psi-kinetic warrior, some angry red-robed mages, a fire golem…and a well. The result is one heck of a battle! Why not pick up a copy of The Beast at the Gate and see for yourself?

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