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Monday, July 15, 2013

Psi- Olfactics—What’s that smell?

As you may have guessed, psi-olfactics is the school of psi-magic that deals with smells. Those born with this ability have a much keener sense of smell than the average Taren citizen does. Furthermore, they are able to psychically create smells—ranging from the truly heavenly, to the utmost repulsive. While it may not be as flashy as psi-illusion, or as powerful as psi-kinetics, psi-olfactics is considered a very useful talent to have. Practitioners can easily find work tracking down escaped criminals, and the occasional wayward farm animal. And if they choose to be left alone (or gain an edge in combat), a well-versed psi-olfactic can summon a stench so potent as to put a skunk to shame. In the book, The Beast at the Gate, a character named Levit is a psi-olfactic who is needless to say, very particular about smells. It is something the young boy character Quan finds out in short order. To read more about the characters, visit:

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