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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Psi-sonics—Can you hear me now?

Psi-sonic mages can manipulate existing sounds and create new ones from silence. Put simply, this power allows one to shape and alter sounds. For example, a man’s words could be changed into a tigers’ roar, or even into different words. A good psi-sonic mage could make the sound of ten men marching to sound like a thousand—or disguise the din
of great battle to sound like an approaching storm. This talent could prove invaluable in war, for these mages could use sound to fool the enemy into following a false path, or to lure them into a trap. Other uses for this psi-magic include increasing sound loud enough to shatter glass or dampen sound, as to not alert an enemy of their presence. It is said that a few gifted Psi-sonics can psychically tap into the auditory system of another person or creature. Then he is able to hear whatever his link hears, making such a person the ultimate eavesdropping tool.

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