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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Psi-Telepathy—Giving you a piece of my mind.

Psi-telepathy is perhaps the greatest of all the psi-magics, for it grants the psi-mage the ability to control the thoughts of another. Put simply, it allows one to practice mind control. Psi-telepathy is actually several talents in one. A good psi-telepath can “mind speak”—which is the ability to have a conversation completely via thought, all without the need for physical speech. Psi-telepaths can also put thoughts in another’s head and make a person think those thoughts are his own. They can wear away at a person’s inhibitions, making them susceptible to impulse and suggestion. They can even place images in a victim’s mind, indistinguishable from reality. For example, in one scene in the book, The Beast at the Gate, a powerful psi-telepath used her power to implant an interactive “copy” of herself into the mind of her victim while she was miles away from him.

You can learn more about psi-telepathy and the characters that wield this awesome power in The Beast at the Gate. Why not read the FREE sample chapters on and see for yourself what an amazing world Taren is?

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