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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Beyond the Band of Death, book two in the Rayna of Nightwind series is here.

 Beyond the Band of Death is the second book in my  Rayna of Nightwind series.  I wrote it in a way that existing fans can jump right in, but I included enough background information that new readers to the series wouldn't get lost. To be honest, it's been a couple of years since the first book was out, so I think even my earlier fans would appreciate a few reminders of what happened in book one. To that end,  I've included a "What has gone on before" section at the beginning of the latest book just for that reason. I wanted to ease you right into the story with minimum head-scratching. Without giving too much away, I can say that Beyond the Band of Death takes up right where we left off in the previous novel. If you recall, The Beast at the Gate ended with Rayna having survived a psi-battle with Aric, following a horrific and  fiery battle in the province of Argat. If you thought that was an exciting scene, I think you will love the adventures Rayna (and Keris) will face in the new book. As a bonus, I've included a glossary and several appendixes as my way of saying thanks for hanging in there while I worked to bring you the next installment of the series.  Here is a brief blurb to give you a taste of what you are in store for:

The land of Taren is in crisis! 
A clone from the past sent to a forbidding future, Rayna of Nightwind is given the charge of traveling beyond the deadly containment zone known as the Band. She must find a way to deactivate the sky machines before they make Taren uninhabitable. She wields the greatest telepathic power of all--the Wild Magic Chaotic. However, Rayna still has much to learn about her newfound abilities and time is running out. 

In the meantime, Taren's Queen Keris and King Ciredor must face the Beasts who are determined to destroy Jerel and cast the rest of Taren into ruin. And they must face their old adversary Aric for one final battle...but this time she comes as Queen of the Dragons! 

If I've piqued your interests, you can pick up a copy of Beyond the Band of Death at the following sites:
Thanks for reading! 

Stay tuned. I hope to do a similar thing I did in the Beast at the Gate, where I cover various topics/subjects found in the book--without revealing (too many) spoilers. Now, that will be a challenge.  

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