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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kuara: Work All Day, No Time For Play

Kuara is the province closest to the Band. In many ways, the Band's presence has shaped the Kuarans' culture and their code of laws. At first glance, Kuara is a gentle, scenic place—full of sloping hills and rolling meadows.

However, before you grab your hammock and sunscreen to plan your next vacation there, realize that all forms of idleness are considered a crime punishable by death.  So, resting comfortably in the shade while watching the clouds float by would probably be a bad idea in Kuara.

Kuarans view their land as an opportunity to work hard and bear the fruits of that labor. The mighty plains of Kuara are the breadbasket of Taren, and that makes the West Taren province an agricultural power, if not a military one.

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