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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lamec—A Beastly Place

Why not cut to the chase? The fallen city of Lamec is where my novel The Beast at the Gate gets its namesake.  The city is in ruins and populated by hordes of vicious, humanoid creatures that are rumored to have once been men.   These are the “Beasts”. No one really knows how the once great West Taren capital became a den for the Beasts, except that it had something to do with the Lake stone in the center of the city. 

The good news is that the city is gated off from the general populace—preventing the Beasts from getting out. The bad news is that the  gate is failing, and the Beasts are literally drooling at the chance of escape(green, acidic drool to be exact). 

Here is an excerpt from the book—a scene where our heroine Rayna Powell finds herself in the unfortunate situation of wandering into the city:

Taking heed to her watch’s warning, Rayna quickly hid herself behind the corner of a brick wall and shoved her glowing hand in her pocket. Then she saw it.
It stood over eight feet tall, and oozed a dripping, green ichor from every part of its scaly body. Its face resembled a nightmarish hybrid of boar, and lizard—creased and knotted—like heavy clay molded into monstrosity.

Its bulging eyes had lids that closed horizontally, and as the creature squinted in the daylight sun, only its elongated red pupils showed through. It was an undeniable rendition of evil personified. Its pointed-toothed mouth opened and closed repeatedly, as if rehearsing for its next meal. Rayna dared not breathe; she feared the sound of her own pounding heart would give her away…

Needless to say, the city of Lamec doesn't get many tourists.

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